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Traffic on I-70

Colorado's Solution for a Better I-70

Problem: The Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor, from Denver to Glenwood Springs, is not meeting the transportation needs of Colorado. For Colorado residents, visitors and businesses, I-70 is a gateway to recreation, to commerce and to everyday necessities. Although the majority of the time the corridor is congestion-free, this stretch of highway has become completely overburdened on winter and summer weekends.  

Colorado's I-70 Mountain Corridor is like a clogged artery leading right to the heart of Colorado.

Solution: A transportation infrastructure through the mountain corridor that is efficient, safe and environmentally sound, for this and future generations.


The I-70 Mountain Corridor must increase its capacity and efficiency in the following ways:

  • Diversify the modes of transportation from Denver to Glenwood Springs. We can't just talk about adding more asphalt. Solutions to the I-70 problem must include transit.
  • Spread out the demand: implement measures that take vehicles off the road during the peak traffic times - when I-70 looks more like a parking lot than an interstate highway. Provide incentives for vehicles to get on the road at times when there isn't any traffic.
  • Develop a funding mechanism to pay for these solutions.
  • Respect Colorado's history and natural environment while meeting transportation needs along the corridor.